Burlington, Ma. – June 23, 2003- ITWorx today announced FileWay 1.2 an enhanced version of its secure remote access application that enables corporate users to access their desktops and LAN resources (both files and folders) remotely using normal PC Web browsers or Web-enabled devices.


According to Youssri Helmy, ITWorx CEO, “While laptops and VPN software are suitable for frequent remote users, they are often too costly and support intensive to be practical for the majority of workers, teleworkers, day extenders and occasional consultants who work from remote locations. FileWay addresses these corporate needs in a cost-effective manner. And, unlike other VPN-based solutions, Version 1.2 requires minimal support from the IT department. This frees up resources for more important issues, which is ideal for sectors such as education, government and corporate services.”


FileWay Version 1.2 Enhanced Functionality

The latest release provides remote workers with more flexibility and security to navigate, open, sort and download existing LAN files, as well as create, add, upload, copy, move, rename, delete, zip and download files and folders as if they were working directly on the primary desktop itself. Users can now create shortcuts for their frequently accessed files and folders to conveniently finish tasks.


Administrators will experience several improvements such as the new fully automated OWA integration setup, the ability to AutoShare multiple users, to list users by domain, to receive email notifications when users exceed a set number of licenses, to follow extensive audit trails and detailed access logs and to report remote access activity.


FileWay is designed for flexible deployment and robust performance in any corporate environment. It can be deployed as a standalone .NET Web service or as part of an externally facing corporate portal. The solution operates seamlessly with technologies such as NTFS, Reverse Proxy, Exchange (Outlook Web Access), Virus protection servers, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA), and Aventail Secure Web for full leverage of existing hardware and software investments.


FileWay 1.2 improvements are based on comprehensive customer feedback from clients such as Washington University, Barry University, Sacred Heart University, Des Moines University, Firbank Grammar School, Friends Central School, IL Department of Nuclear Safety, Municipal Institute of Medical Research, Linen ‘n Things, Conquest Inc., Peppercom and Organic Denmark.