ORX was a strategic partner at “Meet the Business Leaders” 7th conference within the “Program For Advanced Leadership and Management” in Madinah – Saudi Arabia. The event was hosted by the Leadership Academy and the Human Resources Development Fund, both headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

ITWORX presented an overview on its state- of-the-art software “ON TRACK” in a session named “Tracking & Monitoring Your Organization’s Strategy & Performance…From Your Office”. During the event, ITWORX KSA General Manager – Sherif El-Sanadily ran a demonstration to show the audience how Technology utilization can be beneficial in Strategy Monitoring.
ON-Track aims at enhancing organizations’ productivity by providing a backbone for managing, sharing, and monitoring the achievement of strategic plans.. With ON TRACK, you can watch closely from your desk how your organization is performing on the go!

About the event: http://palm.mile.org/meet-the-business-leaders

About On-Track: https://itworx.com/ontrack