From Jan 30 – Feb 2 ITWORX Education will participate in BETT UK for the fourth year, under the theme of “Mobilizing Digital Learning”. A leading organization in education solutions, ITWorx Education will reveal groundbreaking digital and mobile educational products that will revolutionize the learning process and build a seamless educational experience.

Through its pioneering products, ITWORX Education aims to remove all traditional barriers and go beyond boundaries to establish the perfect mobile and digital learning experience that will ultimately enhance student achievement and build lifelong skills.

The ITWORX Education learning corner will reveal four new products. The “Learn2write” Windows 8 application helps young students from 3 to 5 years of age to write in an interactive and engaging way. An iPad application, “MathSprint” is a challenging math learning tool for all children aged 6 to 9. It starts with the easiest problems, taking the student step by step to the most challenging ones, with rewards for all exercises. “StudyLIVE” is a Windows 8 app that combines students’ most-wanted functionalities in one app, like organizing course materials and receiving assignment notifications. “Kinect ABC” draws upon the exciting concept of ‘alphabet simulation’ which improves children’s communication skills, encourages team learning, and enhances sensori-motor integration.

The teachers’ corner will showcase two main products. “TeacherKit” is a breakthrough iOS tool for many teachers worldwide with 750,000+ downloads. A free teacher’s personal organizer, it helps to organize classes and manage students quickly and easily. “AuthorKit” is a newly introduced Microsoft-based application that allows teachers to easily create interactive e-learning resources in a short time. Using AuthorKit, teachers can present e-lessons in an intriguing and engaging way to capture students’ interest and attention.

The ITWORX Education school management corner entails “Edu 360” which provides metrics, insights, and data visualizations that help educational decision-makers to continually monitor students’ , teachers, and the schools overall performance and take corrective actions when needed. ITWORX Education social learning platform, the Connected Learning Gateway or “CLG”, will also be showcased. Available on Windows Azure (and on-premise), CLG combines social networking with easy-to-use tools for teaching, learning, management and administration. It provides a dynamic educational space enriched with collaboration, personalisation, interactivity, real-time feedback and assessment, and mobile learning.

ITWORX Education holds an impressive track record in delivering education solutions across the EMEA region, with deployment success stories in over 1,400 schools.

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