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Solutions ITWORX provides for Telco

It provides high-performing collaborative portals that redefine the user’s online experience. It also offers dynamic reporting tools for better monitoring and analysis, in addition to customizable templates and forms that facilitate the creation and management of e-services.


ITWORX solutions such as uCare will help the organization to become more customer centric, by having a self-care solution that will enable your customer to manage their services, subscriptions, payments which in return will raise the customer satisfaction and lower the load from the show room and call centre.

Video Bill

Want to offer your customers innovation? With ITWORX Video Bill, a responsive, personalized and well-designed video bill message is generated in real-time and sent to a customer – explaining their monthly bill and offering them promotions.The benefit to consumers: clearer bill data and an improved experience.The benefit to you: it’s a great way to build brand trust and loyalty.

Developing cloud-based mobile solutions that allow organizations to run their business applications on the cloud. The mobile solutions increase the users’ efficiency by keeping them aligned and informed around the clock, and definitely most cost effective compared to hardware acquisition.


We can enhance the way your employees serve your customers, through engagement products. Our Intranet solutions— such as ITWORX HUB—help them share knowledge, find resources, communicate and collaborate and much more. Finally, our innovative customer experience products help position you at the forefront. For example, with ITWORX Video Bill, a responsive, personalised and well-designed video bill message is generated in real-time and sent to a customer—explaining their monthly bill and offering them promotions.

Media Sensor

By monitoring buzz – good and bad – on products and brands, Media Sensor can give you real insight into customer preferences and behaviours. It’s also a great way to identify cultural influencers and work with brand ambassadors.

Our experienced Big Data team works with our customers to unlock the value of Big Data through a wide range of technologies and tools. We provide full end-to-end solutions that leverage the power of big data technologies.

Revenue Booster

Increase customer loyalty by understanding their purchase habits and offering packages that are most relevant to the needs of each customer. Marketing departments use Revenue Booster to develop personalized marketing strategies, save advertising costs while increasing ROI. Revenue Booster can be a great utility for customer service agents to absorb angry customers by offering the right gifts and reduce customer churn.

Network Service Quality

Service Quality solution empowers organizations and provides the tools and capability to know the service quality provided to their customers and predict any major Service Quality problems

We help executives to orchestrate a multilayered strategy execution. Our tools enable them to track strategy execution, performance, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


ON TRACK Mobile allows leaders to stay on the beat of teams’ performance at the moment while in office or on the go. Owners can also update the status of their objectives right after they deliver on their mandate and share achievement.


Fraud track allows the group of OpCos to track for each OpCo every Revenue Leakage generated from the different fraud management system and consolidate a single report for all revenue Leakage risks.