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Few sectors move as fast as Telco, and few offer as much potential. For operators, partnering with ITWORX to be ahead of this curve is critical to competing and succeeding.

For you, we can create new streams of revenue and protect those you already have. We can help you innovate to compete. We can improve your customer experiences, satisfaction and loyalty. And we can do all these in ways that are specific to your sector, and focused on your bottom line.


Our Telco Partners

Protect your revenue

Protect your revenue

ITWORX are experts in the following:
• Cutting the costs of acquiring, serving and retaining Telco customers
• Increasing ARPU
• Extending customer lifetimes

For example, we can help with two major service assurance areas you face, through our ITWORX Order Verification solution:
• Orders fallout. Across the sector, this ranges from 10% to 35%, and typically results in revenue loss and spiraling support costs.
• Subscription fraud – estimated as trimming 2.09% from an operator’s revenue.

Our products can help you identify, analyse, report and manage where and why both these happen.

Help you grow new B2B markets

Help you grow new B2B markets

Our cloud-based services help you generate business, for example, SMEs looking to open online shops.
Our approach matches other groundbreaking user experiences. It makes software applications transparent for user and operator. No longer do you depend on software service/support. Instead, you become a provider of smart cloud application devices.

The end result: small enterprises, street shops and individual service providers are empowered to promote their business and grow.

Enable you to monetise data

Enable you to monetise data

The mobile phone is now the hub of insight into consumer behavior.

As a mobile provider, you have a veritable gold mine of data that’s uniquely yours—whether in the form of transactions, enquiries, text messages, tweets, GPS locations or live video feeds.

All this is a major business asset, and we can help you benefit from its economic and market value.
We offer data monetisation solutions such as ITWORX Revenue Booster, based on Microsoft Cognitive Services and Microsoft Azure.

Ooredoo Group Intranet, among the World's Best 10 Intranets in 2014 by Nielsen Norman Group

Best 10

2014 Intranets
by Nielsen Norman Group

Ooredoo Group Intranet, buzz, developed in partnership with ITWORX has been selected by Nielsen Norman Group judging committee as one of the year’s 10 Best Intranets in the world in 2014 Annual Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Award. This is great recognition for both Ooredoo and ITWORX, with the Ooredoo Group Intranet being the only portal from the Middle East and Asia to make it into Neilson Norman World top ten, selected from dozens of entries, worldwide.
Nielsen Norman Group is a leading research firm that has been conducting groundbreaking research, evaluating interfaces of all shapes and sizes, and guiding critical design decisions to improve the bottom line.
ITWORX was assigned by Ooredoo Group to partner on the User Experience. This included usability research, usability tests, visual & interactive designs, user interface development and software development.

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Doha, Qatar By Nmnogueira (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We can help you become better at serving customers

ITWORX solutions, such as uCare, deliver superb performance management capabilities. With it, you can monitor and improve service quality.

We can also enhance the way your employees serve your customers, through engagement products. Our Intranet solutions —such as ITWORX HUB—help them share knowledge, find resources, communicate and collaborate and much more.

Finally, our innovative customer experience products help position you at the forefront; for example, take a look at ITWORX Video Bill…



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