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Solutions ITWORX provides for Government


With ON TRACK, you can effectively communicate your strategy through collaboration features that allow users to exchange information about the achieved performance:
  • Note Board for social chatting on most of the dashboards
  • Annotation to draft your performance analysis on the status of your strategic objectives
  • Relate your documents and links to each element on the dashboard for further elaboration

Media Sensor

In today’s social media-enabled world, having your finger on the pulse matters more than ever. Opinions and trends, incidents and debates – they move at lighting-fast speed, and they reach everyone, everywhere. No organisation can afford to be left behind, or be left out – whatever sector it’s in. That’s where Media Sensor comes in. Our market-leading solution doesn’t just keep you up-to-speed; it gets you ahead. And it doesn’t give you information, it gives you insight: powerful, practical insight into your customers, your competitors and the world at large. By accurately capturing perspectives, Media Sensor can help with countless aspects of modern public service: from ensuring national security, to gauging a citizen ‘happiness index’.


ITWORX CTS is an integrated information management system that enables handling, governance, storage, searching and retrieval of incoming and outgoing correspondences. It also enables creation and tracking of meetings, minutes of meetings and their action items.

Citizen 360

Citizens are expecting their government to act as a one-stop shop for all their service requests. They are looking for a single unified hub for all their needs, allowing them to access multiple government services and conduct all transactions, through web and also their smartphones while on the go.


ITWORX e-Collaboration is an innovative approach in communication between different governmental institutions increasing information sharing, collaboration and knowledge transfer between employees.


ITWORX HUB Productivity solution is a simple, fully customizable, easy to manage Digital Workplace solution that comes packed with powerful features that fit all the organizational needs. It provides a gateway that unifies access to information with features that every employee needs for both his professional and personal life.