Graduation Projects Competition

Unleash Your Talent!

ITWorx Students Program launched a Graduation Projects Competition for IT graduating students to get Guidance from ITWORX Industry Experts!

About ITWORX Students – Graduation Projects Competition

  • ITWORX launched a Graduation Projects Competition to find great Graduation Projects to sponsor
  • The competition included aspects on critical thinking, problem solving, technical know-how, communication skills, and other important skills
  • The winning graduation projects teams provided with technical and business guidance, and mentorship through ITWORX industry experts, to help them better manage their graduation projects.

ITWorx announced 6 graduation projects’ winners
from more than 200 candidate projects

ITWorx Students is a program that aims to prepare university students for the ever-changing market by adding to their technical experience and developing their interpersonal skills. The program helps bridge the gap between the students’ academic knowledge and work/life needs.