Each year the GITEX Global Conference brings together some of the most respected figures in the IT industry in the Gulf, and from around the world, to discuss key issues for technology decision-makers and to share their experiences. This year, Wael Amin, ITWorx President, will tackle the intrinsic role of performance management in governmental organizations; and how effectively monitoring performance draws attention to results and yields significant impact on mission success and financial gains.

In spite of the recession, governments across the Middle East are continuing to invest in technology and infrastructure to expand the reach and delivery of their services. A major focus is the ability to manage performance in light of changing economic challenges whilst enabling greater citizen interaction. Performance management harnesses information technology to help governments increase transparency, link performance to goals, and endorse accountability; raising the value of public services and the level of efficiency with which government bodies are managed. Consistency in focus, data, and accountability provides better visibility, better accountability, and better control for governments.

12.00 – 13.30
Thursday 22nd October 2009
GITEX Global Conference
Track: Business Meets IT
Session 4: Government 2.0 – IT in the public sector
Dubai Convention Center

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