ITWorx announces that its popular content authoring tool, AuthorExpert™, has been recently purchased by GEMS Education for implementation across its schools in UAE. AuthorExpert was created by ITWorx to allow teachers to create rich, interactive online lessons with minimum time and cost, and virtually no learning curve.

AuthorExpert provides easy-to-use templates in which teachers can generate original interactive teaching materials, or embed Microsoft Office Word documents or PowerPoint presentations, to create stimulating e-lessons. Teachers can also integrate images and multimedia files, such as video, flash animations and audio narration.

A selection of seven question formats, which include multiple choice, true or false, fill-in the blanks and graphical gap matching, allows teachers to provide students with dynamic self-assessments as part of each e-lesson. Assessment questions are stored online in the Question Bank and the teacher can allocate points for each correct answer.

Teachers have the flexibility to define the structure of the e-lesson and to allow students to access the teaching materials sequentially and non-sequentially, enabling students to work at their own pace and to return and review previous information in the e-lesson if required. AuthorExpert supports any two languages simultaneously, including Arabic, in a single set-up. Its output is compliant with SCORM 2004 global standards and tested against Microsoft SLK and the most widely used virtual learning environments. Following Microsoft Office 2007 guidelines it provides teachers with a familiar and intuitive user interface which enables them to use AuthorExpert with a virtually zero learning curve.

Manoj Varghese, Director of IT, GEMS Education explains: “GEMS’ strategy has always been to revolutionise the provision of education through the pioneering use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We are sure AuthorExpert would bring significant advantages for our students and teachers.”

Hatem Sallam, Education General Manager, from ITWorx adds: “The development and implementation of AuthorExpert is part of a successful long-term partnership between ITWorx and GEMS, which draws on both company’s extensive experience as providers of educational solutions.”

Since 2008, ITWorx and GEMS have collaborated on developing pioneering solutions, setting new benchmarks in e-learning and student collaboration, such as the GEMS Learning Gateway (GLG) and [email protected] suite of hosted Microsoft services. GLG was rolled out across GEMS Education schools in the UAE. The combination of GEMS’ expertise in international education, with ITWorx proven abilities in developing educational software solutions, provides a foundation for innovative and robust e-learning programmes.

About GEMS Education:

GEMS Education has a global network of world class international schools. With 50 years of experience in education, GEMS provides high quality holistic education to over 100,000 students from 150 countries. It employs over 9,000 education professionals, specialists and staff from around the world.
The GEMS approach to learning focuses, not only on academic excellence, but also on helping students develop their character and creativity so that they achieve their full potential as human beings.

The GEMS Education school model is unique in the world because it offers a broad range of curricula across a range of tuition fees making private education more accessible to the broader community.
GEMS Education also supports Governments’ education reform agenda by working with Ministries of Education to lift school performance and improve the standards and expertise of government schools across the globe.

GEMS Education has offices in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India and Singapore.


GEMS students have been accepted to 567 universities from 36 countries over the past three years.

GEMS students have won over 330 international and regional awards over the past decade.

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