‘New Work’ has ushered in an era of transformation for organizations around the globe. Organizations are increasingly looking to weigh the benefits of adopting New Work policies against the cost of doing so. Perhaps, what makes organizations most hesitant to embrace the shift is the cloudiness of the road to deploying effective transformations; indeed, without a blueprint that defines and explains the factors needed to implement New Work successfully and effectively at an organizational level.

Under the umbrella of HR Festival Europe (held in Zurich from March 26th to March 27th, 2023), DoZen’s team administered a workshop titled New Work – Success Factors for Changing the Working World? Delivered by seasoned Senior Consultant & Trainer Lena Effinger, and ITWorx Europe’s Senior Engagement Manager Daniel Spirig, the workshop was home to an insightful and engaging discourse on the factors needed to safeguard triumphant transitions to New Work.

More specifically, the workshop demonstrated how DoZen – ITWorx’s Employee Experience (EX) platform and digital workplace – can support enterprises adopting New Work by fostering a paradigm of enhanced and effective communications premised on the individualization of employee experience. In other words, DoZen can comprehensively and cohesively create the digital ecosystem and the ‘Hard Factors’ required to implement New Work transformations through its assortment of features.

In addition to the workshop, DoZen’s bright blue colors were strongly present in the Exhibitors’ Area. Through this booth, ITWorx’s team was able to administer lively demos and fully showcase the limitless possibilities offered by DoZen!

With ‘New Work’ being a somewhat general term and a novel praxis, aligning all organizational members on how their company understands and will implement it is necessary. Consequently, it is hugely integral that organizations clearly define the purpose of the change and the targeted change. ITWorx’s DoZen can effectively support the execution and completion of day-to-day business while fostering collaboration and providing organizations – and employees – with a one-stop-shop digital workplace built and made for the era of New Work!

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