Ontrack strategy management solution

Ontrack, the strategy management solution of Corporate OS helps organizations track and measure the execution of their CX strategy. In the State of Customer Experience 2019 study by Hotjar, 17% of the 2000 CX participants cited “Lack of strategy” as one of the biggest obstacles preventing them from achieving their corporate CX strategy.

Ontrack offers organizations a holistic view on corporate strategy through executive dashboards that effortlessly bridge the gap between vision and results.


Effective strategy execution requires building organization alignment, up to date performance visibility, effective employee collaboration, and continuous management feedback.

Ontrack is a strategy management software that empowers organization to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, with ontrack organizations can easily map their strategies, link to objectives, form teams, assign responsibility and measure KPIS.

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Management dashboards

Ontrack dashboards boost the overall visibility on performance by providing a timely, holistic and shared view of organizational performance. It allows efficient monitoring and tracking of all strategic objectives, the status of each KPI and progress of initiatives. Easily extracted reports where comprehensive or on specific objectives helps the agile review of performance enabling sending instant feedback to units or departments that require action.

Team collaboration

Employees operate the processes, and Ontrack empowers teams to collaborate towards achieving strategic goals. You can form teams to own specific strategic initiatives and assign roles and responsibilities. Teams can communicate on assignments, share progress, and take immediate action form within Ontrack like schedule a meeting or send an email.

Manage strategy on group level

Ontrack’s multi-tenancy features ensure that strategic goals are cascade down to every business unit and other affiliated organizations reflecting on the respective challenges, processes, or KPIs for each. More importantly, Ontrack aggregates and consolidates all results automatically to give a comprehensive view on the overall group performance.

Mobile ready

Executives are constantly on the move, with Ontrack mobile, leaders stay on the beat, monitoring performance and connecting to relevant stakeholders, anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Ontrack’s beautifully designed user interface is responsive and elegant on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Improve strategic planning

Ontrack allows you to easily map strategies, link them to objectives, form teams, assign responsibilities, and measure KPIs. Cascade down strategies into the plans of the various units and departments with effective communication of corporate strategy. Ontrack helps create operation-customizes scorecards aligned to corporate objectives to ensure all units deliver on the master plan.

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