In the State of Customer Experience 2019 study by Hotjar, 20% of the 2000 CX participants cited “Employee knowledge and training” as one of the top obstacles preventing them from achieving their CX strategy.

LearningCurve, the Knowledge and training solution of Corporate OS is a comprehensive platform that allows organizations to plan, track, and manage employee training smoothly. With advanced features to facilitate assessment, collaboration, evaluation, and reporting across the learning process, LearningCurve is the solution to the biggest obstacle that prevent companies from achieving their CX goals.

LearningCurve gives you a head start on corporate learning

Organizations need to build skills to ensure sustainability and enable its growth either by enabling new employees or adding new skills to existing employees. Training department are struggling because of the high costs of training, disengagement from employees, and their inability to demonstrate the ROI of training.

LearningCurve is an all-in-one solution for organizations, managers and employees that provides rich cataloging and filtering options that allow employees to easily view the content uploaded by mentors and play videos inline. It helps mentors choose and monitor training plans and credit hours. Most importantly, it helps managers monitor progress and minimize the time and cost of training by providing the courses online.

Instructor features

LearningCurve empowers instructors with features and tools that helps that manage courses and content, track progress and facilitate communication with trainees. Some of these features include:

  • Communicate online through feedback forms and discussion forums
  • Create, add and push courses and course bundles (tracks)
  • Follow overall academic and behavioral performance
  • Link courses to professional standards and skills
  • Develop a credit-hour system for your courses
  • Manage the reporting and mentoring process online
  • Access your account, courses and training material anytime, anywhere

Learner features

Trainees have the necessary on the go access to LearningCurve that enables them to engage, motivate and build their skills. Some of these features include:

  • Sign up for courses and tracks (bundles of courses that cover an entire topic)
  • Communicate and interact online with instructors and peers
  • View all learning content and resources online and play videos inline
  • Access your account, courses and training material anytime, anywhere

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