ITWorx Hub: Sitecore powered employee experience platform

More than 1,000 CX professionals who participated in a customer experience study by Hotjar cited “Departments not working together” as the biggest obstacle to achieving their CX strategy. ITWorx Hub, the employee experience solution of Corporate OS, is a fully customizable, easy to manage, employee engagement platform. Built on top of Sitecore, ITWorx Hub comes packed with powerful features that enhance employees communication. ITWorx Hub is an enterprise social network that can be easily integrated with other workplace systems and apps, through which you can both socially and professionally increase employee engagement.

People make an organization, so we made ITWorx HUB all about people

Every employee has their own profile, which also integrates with Skype for business that helps employees stay in touch, no matter where they are. The full directory is easily searchable and always accessible: for individuals, teams, roles and more to guarantees an identical experience in the office or on the move.

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A one-stop Shop for all corporate services

ITWorx Hub brings all Corporate Services and tools employees need in their daily job in a one easy-to-use experience. From getting to know company news to submitting a vacation request, reviewing subordinates’ work, collaborating across-functions on a corporate project, issuing invoices, or simply booking a meeting room – it’s all there, in one place.

Seamless experience on the move

ITWorx HUB is designed for today’s on-the-go life. Built on Sitecore, it shifts seamlessly across all devices. From smartphone to tablet to PC; from office to home to out in the field; it’s a mobile, versatile workspace that’s ideal for the way people now work. Whatever device your employees use, wherever they go – you’re with them.

Central document management

Employees organize their work by keeping track of their Tasks, getting customized reminders of their Appointments, taking personal Notes and pinning important news pieces or full Articles to their Board to view them later. In addition, the power of the cloud and Office365 means no more worries about document storage, accessibility, or security.

Collaboration at the solution core

Workspaces & Groups enable chat-like exchanges, as well as keeping team resources such as documents, project plans, and performance dashboards in one place. Inspiring People Stories feature enables employees to share a personal work perspective that rewards performers and drives best practice.

A heavily personalized experience

ITWorx Hub surfaces content based on what employees are working on, who they are working with, and their own interests. e.g.: The Trending Documents feature suggests documents based on employees’ activities. By defining their interests, employees can filter news and events for maximum relevancy.

How collaboration affect communications

Through Yammer and Skype for business integration, social collaboration is put to best corporate use. Employees can share ideas and communicate no matter where they are. ‘Social’ aspects – people profiles, directories, comment features and more – create a community and culture that’s all about collaboration.

We speak your language

Whatever language your workplace speaks, ITWorx HUB can too. It comes ready-to-use in several popular languages: English, German, Spanish, and others.

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