Empowering your customer

In the State of Customer Experience 2019 study by Hotjar, 20% of the 2000 CX participants cited “Long wait and response times” as the number 1 frustration customers have during their experience with their companies. An often disregarded, albeit highly important component of customer experience, self-service is an obvious way to retain existing customers, acquire new ones, upsell, and improve customer service by creating a communication channel between customers and back office employees.


The customer self-service solution provides exceptional customer experience, through the Sitecore based platforms. It takes your business to a more “satisfied customers environment”, where they can easily find answers to inquiries and perform actions, rather than wait in line for a customer support agent to answer their inquiries or run an action to their account after user verification and authentication.

Customer self-service plays a crucial role in the revenue of your business, as it is considered the main tool customers use to consume services; it helps to save the business time, effort, and money, rapidly expand market growth, lower costs, and generate significant revenue.

Identifying this need, ITWorx developed the customer self-service solution allowing customers to view and analyze financial documents, check information about their accounts, activate and deactivate services, and communicate with back office staff in a comfortable and flexible manner.





Multiple platforms

The customer self-service solution helps empower customers through a web portal and a mobile app, and allow self-registration, identity verification and authentication with reference to a unique identifier like account number of mobile number.

The Sitecore advantage

Built on top of Sitecore, the customer self-service solution uses Sitecore’s advanced personalization and unique analytics allow you to provide an individual shopping experience to your customer depending on their interaction with your brand.

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