DXP Foundations enables you to instantly create multi-tenant and multi-site Sitecore implementations by choosing site theme and structure and the platform will create a readily working site that just needs content that can be quickly created using the readymade content modules. DXP Foundations extends SXA with functionality that speeds up go to market.

Getting started with a new site installation with DXP Foundations is a simple process requiring a few mouse clicks to choose site and theme type from a wide selection of UX best practices including modern, classic, material and parallax design.

Page structure and components

Create page headers and footers and choose from different page and content layouts including full-width, 3-9, 9-3, 4-4-4, 6-6, or sidebar page. Listing layouts include card listing, and standard listing with support for infinite scroll, filters, search, and rendering variant.

Start building pages and choose from a wide range of readymade components including hero, CTA, info banner, testimonials, announcements, contact us, promo with title, video promo, profile card, carousel, item slider, social feed and share. Menus include mega menu, multi-level menu, pizza menu, breadcrumbs, and secondary navigation. Interactive components include filter cloud, feedback, polls, and survey.

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DXP Foundations Content modules

Media center with news
Photo and video gallery
Search center

Get more from Sitecore

Make better decisions faster with advanced insights and big data analytics powered by Sitecore. Analytics and marketing components including engagement value, pages seen in visit, and visits to site. Personal information includes get profile image from social media, location, device, and browser. Goals and events include search, action on components, and feedback. Other components include referral and email experience, and campaign management.

Extend Sitecore functionality with custom search aggregator, general link with communication, external link indicator, render field variant, alerts and notifications, and authentication.

Feeling exceptionally creative?

DXP Foundations theme support extend Sitecore out of the box theming capability to provider end users with advanced theme customization capabilities including creating new DXP themes, enable editing component colors from within Sitecore, enable editing palette from within Sitecore, and enable gulp compile and publish

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