1DX: Insights driven customer experience

An integral component of Corporate OS, 1DX is an end-to-end customer experience solution that combines campaign and marketing automation, integrated content and commerce, personalization, ML-based big data analytics, omni-channel delivery, with an out-of-the-box customer self-service product suite.

1DX brings to Sitecore a set of readily available components that simplify and expedite the site building process from page templates and content components to theme customization and analytics.

Get Sitecore faster with DXP Foundations

Built on top of the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) to ensure upgradability and ease of maintenance, DXP Foundations extends SXA to enable clients to create and launch a Sitecore powered Digital Experience Platform in days rather than months. With powerful features like theme support, components and modules, and site structure scaffolding, DXP Foundations gets you started with Sitecore faster.

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Eliminate customer frustrations with self-service

In the State of Customer Experience 2019 study, 20% of the 2000 CX participants cited “Long wait and response times” as the number 1 frustration customers have during their experience with their companies. An often disregarded, albeit highly important component of customer experience, self-service is an obvious way to retain existing customers, acquire new ones, upsell, and improve customer service by creating a communication channel between customers and back office employees.

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1DX solves the biggest everyday problems of marketers

Campaign & Marketing Automation

Easy drag and drop campaigns and marketing automation streamline time to market.

Integrated Content & Commerce

Drive personalized experiences throughout the customer shopping experience.

Personalization at scale

Profiles, interactions, behaviors and activities enrich personalization across channels.

ML-based Analytics Testing Optimization

Generate actionable insights with machine learning across analytics, testing and optimization.

Omnichannel Delivery

Deliver your experience across any channel, device or touchpoint.

Accelerated Development

Readymade page templates and content components help you get started with Sitecore faster

Customer Self-service

Retain existing customers and acquire new ones faster with an out-of-the-box self-service suite

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