Youssri is an entrepreneur and angel investor who has successfully founded, operated and exited several startups globally. He has over 30 years of experience in engineering, product management, marketing, and business development in a wide range of technologies.

Youssri founded ITWorx in 1994 with Wael Amin, where they incubated and spun off LaserStorm (MBO), FileWay (exited), (sold to Orascom), and NetCelera/SwanLabs (sold to F5). After exiting ITWorx in 2007, he cofounded IdealRatings, Roboworx, and Eonite. In 2019, Youssri returned to ITWorx as CEO.

Youssri invested in the first funding rounds of Cloudera, Quanergy, Yellowbrick, and others. He is a frequent lecturer and speaker on startups and entrepreneurship, and in addition to a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Cairo University, he holds 4 patents and sits on the board of several companies around the world.