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Happiness is in our DNA! That’s why we’re known for our vibrant culture and unique work environment. Our modern offices, casual dress code, flexible working hours, social activities, benefits, games, trips, and the occasional food fight are only part of the equation – the other part is you.As an ITWorxian, you are expected and encouraged to be a unique piece of the bigger picture, integrate into our corporate culture, and work hard everyday to build technologies that make people happier and solve complex problems for mega corporations all over the world.

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From seminars and competitions to career events and student opportunities, there’s always something happening at ITWorx, and we’re not afraid of showing it to the world, we’re proud of being named Egypt’s most exciting company by Business Today magazine and the most influential tech company by Endeavor Insight.Get to know more about our upcoming events and programs and follow our social media channels below.

Opportunities for students

We believe in empowering students to help them realize their potential. Our various university outreach programs offer a myriad of exciting opportunities for students that include internships, mentorships and sponsorships of competitions, graduation projects, and student activities. ITWorx also conducts regular educational sessions and workshops at universities and career fairs.

If you’re an undergraduate and eager to get a head start into a real work experience, then our internship program is for you. You will be assigned to a team and will be working on real running projects, you won't just learn through shadowing. You will get training and take part in team building activities to help you grow professionally and personally, all in an exciting environment.

The Summer Internship Program is currently closed, follow our social media channels for new updates

Our Technical Graduate Program (TGP) is the perfect opportunity for fresh graduates to develop and explore their passion for software through hands-on experience. During the program, you will be introduced to different technologies including applications development, mobile development, open-source development, computer architecture, and much more.

The Technical Graduate Program is not currently accepting applications, follow our social media channels for new updates

0 current vacancies, come take your place

Come take your place, check our current vacancies

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