With the onset of the flu season the City of Ottawa was in need of a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use electronic solution that would automate the process of mass Influenza vaccination quickly and smoothly. The system would need to be hassle-free for both citizens and public servants, without an extensive learning curve or considerable infrastructure costs.

Addressing those needs, ITWorx Visit Management system provides the City of Ottawa with a robust, integrated, and cost-effective bilingual (English/French) solution for handling Influenza vaccine campaigns. Citizens act on an online portal (also accessible from smart phones) to book an appointment and receive alerts and notifications; while employees, supervisors and system administrators act through Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’s customer relationship management suite to manage all facility, nursing task, walk-in, and crisis management processes.

Visually-informative reports and dashboards, including daily activity reports and a variety of high-level campaign status views, enable facility managers to efficiently and effectively control the entire cycle from appointment booking to vaccine administration. The system, http://fluclinicsottawa.ca/, was launched to the Canadian public on October 15.