Citizen 360” provides intelligent citizen insights to measure the government services & business performance, citizen satisfaction and proactive business actions. On top of the capability to run marketing campaigns and proactive customer services based on targeted citizen segments. Moreover, ITWorx turned out to be a sole provider of Microsoft for the government and public sectors & in this regard, “Citizen 360” has been officially featured on Microsoft AppSource.

About Citizen 360:

Data Gathering:

  • Citizen demographics, Governmental citizen transactions, Social media posts, citizens’ complaints can be retrieved and stored in Customer insights platform. ITWorx provides its Governmental customers an engagement experience to assess the data streams, consult for data unification rules, suggest for the data enrichments 3rdparties, and build the UI to present this unified profile.

Citizen Profile:

  • Solutions provide the ability to merge profiles from different systems and data streams into one unified profile, which allows to define citizen demographic information from different systems

Citizen Timeline:

  • Using the Citizen Activities Datasets, ITWorx configures the citizen timeline which will provide government authorized employees with the needed insights to understand Citizen behavior.

Create a Better Citizen Experience:

  • To better understand Citizens’ needs and motivations, ITWorx configures Customer segments using any of the values available on the Citizen data streams – connected to the unified Citizen Profile. Customer Insights can be extended to synch these calculated customer segments.
  • Citizen Segment will show the members of the segment along with the timeline chart displaying segment size.

Proactive Business actions

  • ITWorx utilizes customer insights connectors and segments to define proactive business actions based on collected insights for the citizen Profile
  • These business actions can be creating complaints into case management system fir frustrated citizens.

Marketing Campaigns

  • ITWorx utilizes customer insights segments to create citizen segments to be targeted for marketing campaigns.
  • Using customer insights connections citizen 360 data can be exported to marketing systems for manage campaigns or to customer service system to perform proactive customer services.
  • Customer insights provides connections to most of the branded marketing systems like Adobe, Google Ads, Dynamics 465 Marketing, and others, also using custom connections solution can integrate with any support marketing solution

Access Citizen 360:

  • Using Power Apps, end users will be able to search for Citizen records and view its demographics, Insights, Timeline and Statistics.
  • This custom app also includes security module to control which user can access which citizen records or data streams, also it can have an approval cycle through data stream owner to avail specific data stream
  • If Dynamics 365 Contacts is the main Citizen data source, a connector will be configured to display the Citizen insights data within Dynamics 365.

What We Can offer:

ITWorx will engage with customers to:

  • Understand key business challenges and data streams
  • Consult for the best practices on building unified Citizen profile
  • Conduct the implementation for unifying these data sources, apply the best AI/ML/BI practices to gain the Citizen 360 Insights and build the Data Presentation using Power Apps.