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Executive Summary

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) needed a professional, standards-based Web portal that each of their embassies, consulates, and delegates could leverage to improve productivity, provide better employee and public services, and present a consistent image of Egypt worldwide. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, ITWORX was selected to develop the MFA portal and propose the appropriate infrastructure for a scalable and secure portal solution that could be easily implemented within all Egyptian embassies and consulates worldwide to provide a consistent Web image and better access to services.

The Challenge

In alignment with the Egyptian government electronic strategy, the MFA needed to build a professional Web portal to improve productivity and provide better employee and public services. With offices worldwide, providing a centralized solution and enabling all embassies to maintain a consistent image of the nation, became a top priority. To ensure government‐grade security for all services, the solution had to be built upon the latest standards‐based technologies, processes, and tools. The portal would also need to be easily managed by embassy users who may not have deep IT knowledge.

The Solution

The MFA turned to its strategic partner Microsoft, who in turn commissioned ITWorx to develop a reliable, secure Web portal to be implemented within all Egyptian embassies and consulates worldwide. In order to better facilitate a clear, consistent image of the government and the services it offered, the solution included a centralized publishing tool that gave each embassy access to pre‐developed templates to enable quick and easy set up of their own Web portals, without requiring sophisticated IT knowledge. ITWorx developed a scalable, secure Web portal that can handle high volumes of transactions while utilizing the MFA existing technology infrastructure.

ITWorx delivered the portal with open architecture that enables adding new components and external interfacing in the future. The solution makes government services more accessible, enabling citizens to access a wide variety of electronic consulate services, such as requesting replacement documents such as birth certificates, without requiring them to travel to their consulates. The portal also enables users to track the status of their e‐service requests, and provides an official, centralized portal for government news. The multilingual (English/Arabic/French) portal allows citizens to customize their experience, while the platform incorporates the latest standards‐based security technologies. The portal also includes an interactive feedback system, where users can send their inquiries, complaints, and suggestions to the ministry; adding more value to the service provided and increasing the level of trust between the end‐user and the ministry.

The Benefits

Ensures consistent, highly‐available Web presence for the Egyptian government

ITWorx enabled the MFA to develop and maintain a consistent image for the Egyptian government across all of its offices. The Web portal ensures high availability for the ministry and all its missions’ Web sites worldwide. Through the multilingual portal, the MFA provides quality services to all citizens without interruption; attracting more traffic around the clock and achieving global transparency and information dissemination.

Provides cost effective, secure, and easy‐to‐use portal for all embassies and consulates worldwide

ITWorx leveraged the MFA existing technology investments and developed a simple yet advanced administration of the portal; eliminating the need for hiring a specialized Web support staff in the ministry’s offices worldwide. The solution is simple enough for the least technical embassy employee to access and manage, while the latest security technologies used makes the system secure enough to meet government standards.

Increases availability of highly accessible and multilingual online governmental services

ITWorx portal solution enables the MFA to make government services more accessible online for all citizens – whether in the country or living abroad in three languages (English/Arabic and French). Citizens can login and access any number of government services, and can track the status of their requests online or via real‐time alerts.

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