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Executive Summary

By transforming data stored in spreadsheets into a unified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Venture Capital Bank can focus on driving its performance, rather than its processes. The CRM delivers improved visibility, control and management reporting as well as higher accuracy and productivity. Employees are freed of updating spreadsheets and can work on developing the investment opportunities that build growth for their customers and for the projects in which they invest.

The Customer

Venture Capital Bank (VC Bank) is the first dedicated Islamic venture capital bank in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Middle East and North  Africa region. The bank’s pioneering business model aims to develop investment opportunities in venture  capital, private equity and real estate and to build regional growth in small‐to‐medium enterprises.

The Challenge

Managing investment opportunities, projects, subscriptions and payments for over 1,000 customers across multiple products demands absolute accuracy and efficiency from every department  within VC Bank. The Investment  team rely on clear information to create and capture investment opportunities; the Placement team need  comprehensive information to attract investors; whilst the Human Resources (HR) and Support team need real‐time data to manage customer  information, transactions and payment reminders.

The Solution

Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the ITWORX web‐based application standardises, automates and coordinates the data and processes that are central to the effective management  of a major investment  bank.

The integration of customised, ready‐made modules with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Cash‐ Flow and Transaction Company Accounts, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, allows VC Bank to manage its products, investments, subscriptions and dividends more efficiently. The robust and structured processes, with approved workflow cycles, transform VC Bank’s Excel ‐ based information into a powerful, unified CRM database; a foundation for future development and growth.

Customer and Investment Management
These modules allow authorised users to manage and update detailed information regarding different elements  within VC Bank’s business: The Product Management  module allows authorised users to maintain detailed information on each of the products within VC Bank’s investment portfolio; whilst the Investment Management  module enables employees  to  manage multiple investments across a range of products. Details of customer subscriptions are maintained in the Subscription Management module, whilst dividend calculations and payments are made using the Dividend Management module.

Cash‐Flow and Transaction Management
By directly linking the CRM to  Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) Cash‐Flow and Transaction Company Accounts system, the data held in the individual modules can be synchronised at the end of each accounting period defined. The system also includes a Mail Notification function allowing information such as payment instructions, payment delay notifications and statements to be mailed to customers.
A defined workflow ensures that approval cycles are rigorously applied before information is released to investors, so that statements  must be fully approved by the Chief Investment  Officer and by the  Head of the HR and Support team before publication. This includes the Investment Statement,   detailing the investments, dividends and outstanding payments on each project; and the Financial Statement showing customer transactions and the estimated  value of each investment.
Information is exchanged seamlessly between  the CRM and the GP Cash‐Flow and Transaction Company Accounts system. This provides a comprehensive and coordinated overview of top‐line performance in addition to detailed data on individual customers, products and projects.

Management Reporting
The CRM also integrates Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to provide the VC Bank management  team with comprehensive reports and performance analysis.
The results can be filtered and searched via a range of reporting categories: Product Summary, Investor Summary, Placement Team Performance and Investor Segmentation.  Custom reports allow VC Bank’s management team to access performance metrics which support more informed decision‐making and drive higher investment growth.

The Benefits

Improved monitoring of customers and investments
Migrating data from individual spreadsheets into a single CRM improves VC Bank’s visibility across its complete range of products, investment  projects and customer investment portfolios. Greater accuracy of financial  statements standardising the format in which data is held and automating the approvals workflow, via the
CRM, ensures greater  accuracy in VC Bank’s financial and investment statements.

Enhanced management reporting
Comprehensive performance and operational management reports help the bank to manage performance more effectively and to identify new opportunities for growth.
Robust, customised  solution Ready‐made modules from a proven software platform are flexibly customised to achieve an exact fit to VC Bank’s business model, coupled with the assurance that the  solution will be highly robust and reliable.

Seamless transition to a new CRM
ITWORX expertise and experience in implementing major software systems for high ‐profile customers within the financial services sector allowed VC Bank to migrate to  a new CRM with no disruption to the operation of its business.

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