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Executive Summary

With more than 13 years of relationship, ITWORX has become a seamless development arm for the world’s leading agribusiness company. ITWORX has been involved in custom-development, customization, and integration of multiple systems such as the company’s chemical system and the biology and formulation systems. ITWORX has also been supporting the company’s field information systems including inventory, ordering, and residue systems. The results? Improved application performance and quality, as well as optimized software development life cycle through a successful offshore development model.



The Customer

A world‐leading agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The company is a leader in crop protection, and ranks third in the high‐value commercial seeds market. They believe that agriculture has an impact on the lives of everyone; from farmers to consumers. The company employs about 19,000 people in over 90 countries.

The Challenge

A world‐leading player in agribusiness industry, the company’s ongoing mission is to build, sustain, and employ cutting edge technologies that would improve yields and quality of harvests. The company decided to revamp their technology investments to ensure that their applications and systems can efficiently handle and support advanced crop protection products, research, testing, and development.

To meet their technological roadmap and business expansion plans, the company’s technological infrastructure needed to be scaled, their disparate systems had to be integrated, their existing applications needed to be updated and customized as well as complemented with new functionalities.

The company opted for a qualified partner who can share their vision, quickly grasp their sophisticated technical requirements, and professionally implement cost‐effective solutions.

The Solution

ITWORX was chosen for its remarkable track record of providing custom‐developed solutions. The company took into account ITWORX extensive technical expertise in Oracle and .NET technologies, outstanding offshore development models, unique high quality solutions, and commitment to total customer satisfaction.

ITWORX placed a top talented team to work closely with the company’s customer research and technology teams to address particular agricultural technology issues and specific business requirements.

ITWORX delivered a suite of agribusiness software that included state‐of‐the‐art applications developed to register, track, archive, and lab‐test newly discovered chemical substances.
As the old system was renovated, ITWORX created a robust solution incorporating custom‐developed and enhanced functions free from bugs. ITWORX integrated the solution seamlessly with the company’s IT infrastructure. A new set of features and functionalities was developed and built in to the .NET platform.

The team of ITWORX developers and the company’s customer researchers investigated the existing development cycle, with both teams working round‐the‐clock to acquire exceptional knowledge of the processes being undertaken. The results optimized some procedures and introduced new ones that enhanced the software development life cycle and improved projects’ performance.

The Benefits

A reliable, robust IT system improves performance and effectiveness

ITWORX helped transform a once inefficient and problematic system through a series of technological advancements and breakthroughs. The demanding and complex nature of the agribusiness, research, and business solutions require software applications and systems that are steady, fast, accurate, and reliable 24/7. ITWorx solution delivered much faster and more accurate results in the fast‐changing agribusiness environment.

Close collaboration increases the speed and efficiency of the software development cycle

The number of agriculture‐specific software applications that the company needs to deploy and integrate has increased substantially in the past five years and shows no slow down. ITWORX cooperation model with the company has formed a valuable partnership over more than four years. ITWORX has acquired an intimate understanding of their business needs, increasing the way both teams are able to develop appropriate solutions together through an effective, fast software development cycle. The software development cycle is agile enough to enhance and integrate new features and applications into combined and complex solutions.

Significant decrease in software bugs boosts software quality

The integration of ITWORX team with the customer development team, throughout their long‐term relationship, has led to an extremely smooth development process with fewer application bugs. Time and money spent on software fixes and revisions has been greatly reduced. The company now benefits from higher quality and better‐integrated solutions in less time and lower cost, leading to an increased ROI.

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