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Executive Summary

Competing against time, du needed a consumer self-care portal that would help it beat other players in the market. ITWorx used its extensive knowledge in BEA and TIBCO technologies to develop a completely secured, bilingual consumer self-care portal that offers customers with account management capabilities for a variety of e-services. The results? du gained a competitive advantage in the UAE marketplace with a professional, easy-to-use self-service portal. With the ability to continuously add and integrate new services to the portal, du self-care portal increasingly attracts nationwide consumers.

The Customer

The UAE second national Telco and the newest service brand of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (a.k.a. EITC), du is the first telco in the Emirates to offer the full spectrum of voice, data, video, and content services over fixed and mobile networks to both residential and business customers.

The Challenge

du planned a phased introduction into UAE telco market. Launching a comprehensive new Web portal with numerous e‐services and offerings that customers can self‐manage, was critical for the company in order to provide and promote its most up‐to‐date, high quality services. To compete and exceed the already established market leader, du needed to integrate their e‐services within a complex, advanced technological environment while ensuring that they meet superior quality standards before being offered to consumers.

du scanned the market for a flexible and committed IT vendor capable of implementing their requirements and delivering the portal within a tight schedule while leveraging their existing diversified technological environment with intelligence and ease. They were looking for a vendor with extensive expertise in developing portals, specifically self‐care portals. du selected ITWorx who established its name as their innovative, trusted partner in multiple strategic project.

The Solution

du self‐care portal was a major strategic project. It had to be developed, tested, and implemented within a short completion time to meet the date of the commercial launch of the mobile network. It also had to mirror and propagate du corporate image.

Working on its proven hybrid model for solutions development and project delivery, ITWorx assembled a highly qualified team of experts with vertical know‐how in developing telco self‐care portals. Using BEA WebLogic, ITWorx developed the self‐care portal to be accessible via du website. The self‐care portal is a fully integrated ‘one‐stop‐shop’ that delivers a wide range of e‐services to du consumers.

ITWorx integrated these e‐services into the portal using TIBCO integration. The e‐services included online billing and payment, recharging phone lines, purchasing SMS and data bundles, and MMS. Other e‐services implemented were for prepaid customers to top‐up and renew their lines, as well as activation and configuration of additional services, while maintaining online customizable user accounts. Registered users have full capability to manage their e‐services subscriptions.

The applications and infrastructure work that was invested in developing the portal and in integrating the e‐services, was subjected to ITWorx strict security measures. Each project deliverable was highly secured and tested to eliminate potential security threats and breaches by the use of firewalls and strict access authorizations for customers and employees.

ITWorx built the portal with scalability as a cornerstone, along with load balancing and fail over mechanisms, in order to incorporate and integrate with new services and functions, as well as managing large numbers of data requests to align with du future expansions and diversity plans.

The portal was built in English and Arabic to cover the most widely spoken languages in the region. ITWorx offers du its committed, ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure proactive improvement in the self‐care portal scope of services, stability, and performance.

The Benefits

Boosting du competitiveness in the telco marketplace

With customer experience at the heart of du vision, today, 055 customers can access the portal to fully manage their own mobile accounts and subscriptions, as well as enjoy the increasing advanced e‐services being added to the portal. This has resulted in a growing number of online registrations and usages of e‐ service without having to pass through call centers or customer service representatives. The portal implementation has also contributed in increasing du market share and raising brand awareness with potential customers and job recruits.

Investing in a scalable portal for an increasing customer base

du self‐care portal enables nationwide customers to benefit from the most sophisticated, up‐to‐date telco online services with user‐inviting interface and navigation and comfortable personalization features. With a bilingual and scalable portal, du can continuously integrate new advanced services and functionalities that cover customer needs and languages of preference. ITWorx has worked solidly towards fulfilling du vision to improve their customer service experiences and exceed their expectations.

Adding value due to the hybrid model in project delivery

Understanding the sense of urgency to launch du self‐care portal, ITWorx mobilized its resources to implement the project in record time. Utilizing its successful mixed onsite and offshore project delivery model, ITWorx team dynamically worked with the du team to meet the project’s specific requirements by gathering, analyzing, developing, and testing deliverables according to du technical specifications and quality and security standards successfully meeting all planned milestones.

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