ITWORX Pixel Perfect Initiative

Pixel-Perfect initiative

Pixel perfect is simply a new technique created by the graphic design team, it aims to clarify and communicate the design elements and its properties (fonts, styles, spacing, color codes…etc) in a very simple way between the Graphic Designer, User Interface Developer and the Developer.

This technique was already used & tested in several projects like MOFA, MOE Saudi…some mobile development projects. And the result was significant, so during the coming period the UX team is planning to start some awareness and feedback sessions in order to formalize and implement it in a right way before the end of Q2.

Information Mapping

Information Mapping is an international, research-based method to analyze, organize and present clear and user-focused information. Information Mapping addresses many reader and writer challenges for presenting better information. It also addresses organizational challenges about documentation like efficiency, error rates, presenting information clearly to avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Information Mapping helps optimize new projects implementation and staff training costs through enhanced information communication and presentation. It also helps editors and publishers structure information better for storage, retrieval, and reuse.

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