Top latest trends in Cloud adoption

The Cloud is one of the most impactful and influential technologies in the world. Not only is Cloud very beneficial but a resultant of innovativeness and advancement. The Cloud has brought immense evolution in the technological industry. It has redefined the way communication and business enterprises work. With the Cloud being initiated in the beginning of 2014, now is the time for evolution and discovery of new trends of the Cloud technology. Some of the latest trends of the Cloud, which will inspire you include:

The hybridity of the Cloud

The Cloud, which previously endorsed a single feature, consists now of two or more services. For instance, your Cloud is going to provide public, as well as private services. You will be able to explore your personal social media apps and your business company’s information as well.

Personal Clouds

As per initiation, Cloud is still used in the business and corporate world frequently. Since the market is getting more consumer-oriented, the Cloud is now becoming a personal possession. You do not necessarily have to be a part of a business corporation when you already have access to the Cloud. The state-of-the-art Cloud will allow you access to personal social media apps and get in touch with friends and family. With a faster processor and increased RAM, you will have fun exploring the world through your Cloud!

Expansion of Cloud providers

One of the trends which the Cloud followed was monopoly in the industry. There were few people specializing in the provision of Clouds. According to the 2015 reports, Cloud is now being offered by small scale as well as hyper scale providers. This will reduce prices of Cloud devices and make it easier for people to purchase them.

Cost reduction

The importance of cost reduction is under consideration. Since the number of providers for the Cloud has increased in the market, different ways are investigated to reduce production costs. This will improve the efficiency and quantity of Clouds in the average market. For instance, if the Cloud costs hundred dollars for now, later it might cost only 50 dollars. This will ensure an average distribution of Cloud among users.

To sum up, the Cloud revolutionized the technology industry. Software companies, governments and individuals depend more and more on this technology. The field of the Cloud technology is considered relatively new, and thus calls for further investigation to ensure a fast and safe data transfer and operation.

Written By:
Yasmin El Dessouky
Digital Marketing Specialist