Social Media Engage

It’s important for ministries, municipalities, agencies and the government at large to adopt new engagement models using social media techniques. Several counties and cities are already operating their social innovation platforms among residents and employees to gather, evaluate and implement ideas that save costs, streamline operations and create dynamic and connected communities.

ITWORX developed an on-premises and cloud-Enabled Offering. It is a social engagement and collaborative decision-making platform called “Social Media Engage” that focuses on two-way communication with a targeted group in an open yet organized way. It allows the employees to have their own social hangout with each other or with their clients and suppliers. They can share ideas, opinions and discussions where conversations that had consensus will be automatically escalated to higher circles i.e. decision makers. ITWORX Social Media Platform is designed to facilitate high-level engagement with low human power/logistics without the risk of building a negative image. It is designed to fit the needs where integration with internal systems, CRM, workflows, etc. is required.

Enables Crowd Sourcing

ITWORX Offering utilizes diversity and different functional perspectives throughout the teams. It crowd sources customers’ innovation, suggestions or complaints. It allows you to easily manage a big crowd input in a structured manner. The ongoing interaction increases customer’s loyalty, satisfaction and employee engagement. It easily models your organization and the client’s touch points for organic information flow.

Boost innovation

Social Media Engage transforms social engagement into tangible ROI by allowing different minds to interact, cooperate and eventually instigate innovative work approach, processes or innovative new ideas for products and services. It summarizes crowd’s popular feedback and identifies high-influence individuals. It allows building crowd consensus without moderating a lot of content or noise.

Capture collective wisdom

Social Media Engage is a social engagement and collaborative decision-making platform that aims to serve local and international markets with unique platforms. The high impact, multi-sided software platforms enable crowd to utilize their collective wisdom in facing challenges and drive change in different aspects of their society.