ITWORX Mobile Intranet

With the rapidly growing usage of mobiles and mobile applications over laptops, ITWORX developed a cross platform Mobile Intranet to speed up employees communications, manage projects in a distributed workgroup, and allow them fast access to archival data. ITWORX Mobile Intranet reduces costs by providing a paperless environment and reducing meetings, travels and telephone time. The app is available on the online application stores with secured login for the organization employees; however, it has a landing page that contains public content such as vacancies and news for external users.

Speed up communication

ITWORX Mobile Intranet facilitates information cascading across the organization as employees receive instant notifications such as downtime notification or traffic updates. It speeds up employees’ communications through e-mail, chat and newsgroup. It allows the addition of new information or update existing ones with fast access to archival data.

Manage projects

ITWORX Mobile Intranet facilities document sharing as documents and projects are accessible to everyone working on the project at the same time. This facilitates interaction between employees sited in different locations around the world. Employees can add content through a very simple web interface. It makes everyone’s job easier and cuts costs. Business trips and meetings are reduced which increases productivity as employees are able to do everything from the office.

Reinforce engagement

Employees have the ability to propose new ideas and vote for their preferred ones through an intuitive and collaborative in-app interface. ITWORX Mobile Intranet provides a dynamic communication with wide variety of media types such as audio, video, interactive and multimedia applications. Employees can also add the sharing feature to their desired content to spread it throughout social networks. The Mobile Intranet has a well-organized interface that can be easily navigated by all users from different backgrounds.