ITWORX Mobile Dashboard

Executives are always on the move. Business trips, external meetings and work engagement get in the way of keeping track of strategic updates and status of ongoing initiatives. Especially in today’s world where everything is run through mobile devices, it is crucial for executives to have an application that gives them around the clock and timely access to all needed information. A mobile application will change the dynamics around how people interact and conduct business; it will also drive a lot of innovation in the near future.

Understanding the importance of such an application, ITWORX developed a tablet solution called the Mobile Dashboard. It is a mobile based solution for executives and managers to efficiently follow up on the progress of their KPIs, projects, initiatives and strategic plans. It can be tailored to fit specific pain areas. Mobile Dashboard provides executives with a global view of an organization’s performance and transforms performance data and KPIs into interactive mobile dashboards while visualizing the impact of each KPI on the other.

Manage organization performance on-the-go

With the vast amount of information available across all organizational departments and business units, details can get lost easily with the continuous formation of new ones. ITWORX Mobile Dashboard allows you to fully manage the performance of the entire organization. You will obtain all the needed insights on the status of your projects, performance indicators, and strategy execution.

Monitor projects and track strategy execution

ITWORX Mobile Dashboard facilitates monitoring projects, strategic execution, investments, and provides the needed reports and follow-up indicators of economic and social performance on a regular basis. The solution allows users to display major progress data on key projects and link them to their strategic objectives. Top Executives will be using the Mobile Dashboard to be updated around the clock and facilitate taking quick informative decisions.

Integrate with existing systems

Mobile Dashboard can be tailored to suit the organization’s structure and performance measures for any mobile platform. It integrates with existing infrastructure or with the organization’s Project Management system. ITWORX Mobile dashboards can come bundled with ON-Track Strategy Management solution.