ITWORX Media Sensor

Success with media requires more listening and interaction. ITWORX offers media analytic solution, called Media Sensor, which allows you to get a feedback about the media influence you aim for by providing all the needed insights. Get on the buzz, carefully listen to your audience, understand their preferences and know your competition. Explore possible social media channels and news portals or websites, by obtaining accurate measures of your reach and brand awareness. Acquiring the right information allows you to tailor a suitable strategy that would enhance your services, products and most importantly your customers’ relation. Be on top of the trend and sense the market feedback on what it is offering!

Know your customers

The Media Sensor allows you to obtain customers’ sentiment with local content and dialects. You will get categorized insights on who, where, when and what the customers are saying about your brand, services and products. Moreover, you will be able to detect customers’ behavior and gain valuable information on their interests. You can tailor engaging content that addresses your target audience with topics that match their interests and guarantee their interaction.

Understand the market

ITWORX’ offering enables you to explore social media channels and news portals for key topics about your brand, products, services, buzzwords and competition. By analyzing the generated insights, understanding the competition and customer’s preferences, you get to have an up-close view of your target market, which empowers you enough to be a “game changer”. Identifying the current influencers gives you the chance for early engagement, allows you to set new trends and introduce new innovative approaches.

Detect and resolve problems

Media Sensor allows you to spot negative feedback and threatening trends early on. If there is a problem with your newly released product or service, you will be the first to get notified and thus be able to react immediately, so to avoid critical situations or image damage. Having firsthand interaction with your customers gives you a better viewpoint, and the chance to address their complaints. This in turn humanizes the customer experience and increases customer loyalty!