Enable, Empower and Lead Telco operators to a successful Digital transformation

The digital revolution experienced its heyday in the current decades, where for example mobile technology, planning processes, restructuring procedures and telecommunications became fully digitalized. In fact, the digital transformation of the telecommunication sector encompasses three major benefits, such as the creation of a new revenue stream, improved awareness to forecast and compete, and finally amplified customer satisfaction records.

Worth mentioning that digital transformation in this context will not be contribution to improving websites or introduce a multi-channel marketing medium. At ITWORX we will enable, empower and lead Telco operators to a successful digital transformation. According to our definition, digital transformation is a redesign based on lean management principles to take a typically-soiled operation with its legacy systems. Processes and organization, to turn it into a seamlessly integrated business system built around an online core. Our experienced engineering staff explores the transformation possibilities that will eventually all the customer to apply an innovative transformation.

The digital transformation is no longer a luxury. Any operator striving to achieve tangible ROI (i.e. Return on Investment) figures, can now pursue that goal through adapting e-strategy transformation to the entire operations. In the following depiction, five value creation layers are illustrated to highlight on the driven value out of digital transformation;

ITWORX Digital Transformation

Value Unleashed

Customers Acquisition
Population demographics 18-34 age group
  • Online shopping growth
  • Social media association
Reduce Acquisition & Retention Cost
Cutting commission processing costs
  • On-line top ups
  • Sales migration to on-line
Increase ARPU
0.5% - 1% Avg increase
  • Cross-channel data allows upselling
  • Web usage stimulating web ads
  • Pre sales cost reduced
Extending customer Life-Time
Reduced Churn rates of avg 2-4%
  • Integrating loyalty options easily
  • Cross channel offerings
  • Satisfaction increases
Reduced Cost-to-Serve
Reduced cost of channel substitution
  • Self-service selections
  • Reduction of paper billing
  • Shrink the Call Center support needed

Digital Transformation Proposition

B2B and B2C Cloud

Cloud technologies and solutions are also becoming important to telecommunications service providers. In addition, SME cloud service is a huge market, where telecom operators should steer their focus on; especially as this field is a growing market and offers a new source for revenue generation.

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Enabling your customers to manage their own account, clear off bills, subscribe to services, transfer credit, manage calls, add VAS and much more at the tip of their fingers.

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Employee Engagement

Employee social engagement initiatives will significantly improve critical work practices. Major benefits are consequently reductions in duplicated work, faster response times & higher employee engagement. Moreover, applying the principles of customer-focused social business to internal work practices, will improve the adoption and increase employee satisfaction. Employees engagement is thus a crucial element in driving employees satisfaction, more awareness & ultimately more customer servicing excellence.

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E-Shop Portfolio

E-shops are considered ecosystem market places, where users can sell, maintain and operate all kind of services. E-shops can be integrated with the Cloud infrastructure and have their own billing system. ITWORX was honored in this regard with the du e-shop Best e-Commerce Strategic Online Portal 2008 Award.

Service Quality

Ameliorating the service quality will definitely have a sound impact on the customer satisfaction. The volume and richness of data offers a gold mine of insights to determine the level of Service Quality, and pinpoints improvement areas.
By analyzing CDR data, subscriber invoices and payment information enables the determination of:
  • The level of Service Quality per region, with the focus on the region with the highest APRU
  • Tracking the level of Service Quality per customer and focus on the “high payer” customers.

Performance Management

Being a group of operators distributed cross over different countries, where each country has its own economic and political situation that may affect the bottom line of the whole group. Moreover, forecasting and tracking the revenue and profit of the group will allow the group to take knowledgeable decision about the direction and the allocated investment. Besides, forecasting supported by what-if-analysis will allow the group management to overview various scenarios

Social Innovation

The Media Sensor allows you to obtain customers’ sentiment with local content and dialects. You will get categorized insights on who, where, when and what the customers are saying about your brand, services and products. Moreover, you will be able to detect customers’ behavior and gain valuable information on their interests. You can tailor engaging content that addresses your target audience with topics that match their interests and guarantee their interaction.