ITWORX understands the needs of the retail industry including malls, real estate and shops in general. Through access to different kind of technologies, mobility and exploring different areas in innovation, ITWORX services are targeted towards facilitating the end customers’ shopping experience and buying behaviors aiming at increasing their interaction and engagement towards brands.

Malls and Shopping Centers

ITWORX solution for Shopping Centers provides the common mall features with a completely new user experience using Parallax Design. Users can log into the solution to learn about newly opened stores and the latest dining spots. Customers can also have a virtual tour of the mall to know where to go and what are the main attractions according to their interests, in addition to their availability of online reservation. They can check out the latest offers, promotions, advertisements and guest services. In the mobile version, users have access to a live map through mobile’s camera.

Property Management and Real Estate

Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 as a relationship management tool and SharePoint 2013 as a front end portal, ITWORX customized solutions allow the user to view the latest properties on sale with all the needed details and contact persons. With a modern look and simple interface, users can view the featured units with a 360 degree virtual tour, in addition to searching for rental homes according to their preferred location, budget and property details. They will also receive a newsletter with the latest updates, promotional announcements, events, photos and videos.

Restaurants and Store Management

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and SharePoint 2013, ITWORX solution allows the customers to view the restaurant map, choose table location, place the order and choose reservation date. They can view “Today’s specials”, food gallery and submit their feedback. Catering orders can also be placed online through the application. ITWORX solution gives management the ability to create surveys to figure out customers’ preferences and remove unpopular choices. As for Store Management, ITWORX customized solution provides a mechanism for advisors to better serve their customers, in addition to leveraging the product details and promotions for marketing and sales trend analysis. Users can place their feedback and respond to existing surveys.