ITWORX Government

ITWORX adopts innovative approaches and technologies to provide pioneering and ready-made public sector software products that streamline business processes. Our products create and enhance citizens’ experience, by managing their appointments, e-permits, e-license issuing and e-services; in addition they facilitate their case management and correspondence tracking.

Ready-made public sector software products

Due to our solid experience in the government sector, ITWORX developed solutions that address the struggles directly by deploying simple technologies that turn a complex process into an effortless one. Our solutions help governments to save OPEX and create new revenue streams by running shorter service delivery times, in addition to creating an organized service environment that increases employees’ productivity.

Strengthen collaboration and communication

We create tools that allow easy alignment across all levels. It is important for everyone to be informed clearly with the progress of the strategy and objectives. ITWORX allows such collaboration in an easy way that would save time and enhance communication on all levels. Having an organized environment strengthens collaboration and success in delivering a more convenient service with better quality, in addition to reducing turnaround times.

Monitor and improve employees’ performance

Getting accurate and detailed information contributes in improving the employees’ level of professionalism and increasing community development opportunities. It helps top management in monitoring strategic objectives and KPIs status. Additionally, executives are enabled to link between the targeted objectives and the actual results generated from the implemented initiatives.