ITWORX Enterprise

ITWORX brings together a wealth of global experience that addresses the critical concerns of different enterprises. We deliver custom and enterprise solutions based on inter-operable platforms. Our solutions are designed from a customer experience perspective. We believe that providing the most satisfying customer experience is the ultimate sustainable competitive edge in any market. We address customers’ pain areas directly with easy-to-use tools and customer-centric features that allow staff to deliver the targeted objectives.

Analytical models to enrich decision-making

Leveraging big data and other technologies, ITWORX solutions provide real-time analytical data on performances, customer experience, customer behavior and network traffic or other tailored dashboards. Acquiring an overview with accurate matrices enables management to spot pain areas for immediate action, capitalize on the strengths and track performance. It empowers executives with all the information they may need to make sound decisions, in addition to foreseeing future changes.

Deploy personalized mobile solutions

Smartphones became our gateway to the world. We rely on them to get answers, information, entertainment and socialization, in addition to conducting business. By providing employees with the right tools you will be able to keep them aligned and informed around the clock. You will also increase their efficiency by giving them access to the needed business knowledge and processes on-the-go.

Leverage Research and Development

To cultivate breakthroughs that make new, innovative and time saving solutions, companies need to leverage R&D. They need to operate on versatile and powerful platforms technologies that facilitate cross-functional collaboration, enable high adaptability, and foster innovation. Today organizations are increasingly relying upon strategic outsourcing of technology that not only encompasses the development and maintenance of IT applications, but also capitalizes upon business opportunities to improve competitiveness.

Industry Specific Offering

Prayer Times App (SharePoint app)
Prayer Times app is meant to serve Muslims around the world, targeting websites developed using SharePoint. Prayer Times app will provide users the prayer times depending on their current location or any selected location around the world. It offers a nice and user friendly interface that supports both English and Arabic languages, while highlighting the current prayer and at the same time calculating the time remaining for the next prayer
  • After installing the application, you will be introduced to the “Default Page” for the Prayer Times app in which you will set up the settings for your site users
  • Through the “Settings” page, you will be able to choose your location, prayer calculation methods, asr calculation methods, and the hours format
  • In the “Location” option, you can allow your website users to choose their preferred country and city, choose a city from a certain country you specify, or to allow the app to detect their current locations and get the prayer times accordingly
  • After saving your preferences, you can go to your website and select the page you want the app to be in, and from the ribbon choose: edit, insert or app. You will find the app there with the name “Prayer Times App”
  • Click save and enjoy
  • In case you didn’t find your city in the drop down menus, feel free to add its information in the “Cities List” which you will find a link for it in the “Default Page”
ITWORX hereby acknowledges that this application is not designated to gather any personal information of the users. ITWORX Prayer Times application uses the Pray Times open source library for calculating Muslim prayers times.