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Anatomy between Smart phone and Virtual machine

January 2, 2018

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let us discuss the anatomy between the smart phone and the cloud virtual machine.

Please check the below anatomy we may conclude that a SaaS (Software as a Service) application market place has to exist with the same functionalities and features provided  by Google play / Apple iTunes to transform the Virtual machine to Smart Virtual machine.

Where the user may use his smart virtual machine with the same way he is using his smart phone, without any extra technical knowledge needed.

Smart SaaS Market place

Unfortunately the existing SaaS market places now are close to passive ones where the user may choose the application required and then all actions will be done manually to install the application for him.

Telco operator is taking a huge time to integrate the application with the BSS (Business Support System)

being a smart market place will allow the user to choose the required application and once selecting this application, the smart market place will install the application on his smart virtual machine, so he can access it and use it with the same way like what is happening with his smartphone.

The Smart Market place has to have the capability to do the following Orders for the Telco operator online without any manual interference:

  1. Create new customer
  2. Provision new application
  3. Change the subscription of the application (upgrade/downgrade)
  4. Terminate the  subscription
  5. Suspend customer from accessing the market place
  6. Terminate customer
  7. Re-activate the subscription
  8. Re-activate the customer.

Also the smart market place has to provide the Telco operator with SDR file (service detail record) file  every certain period (day, week, Month) that will show the service provided to the customers:

  1. New Application is installed
  2. Application is upgraded
  3. Application is downgraded
  4. Backup was taken
  5. Customer has downloaded the backup file
  6. Customer has restored the backup



Cloud as network element

Having this anatomy in place and the Smart market place with the 2 interfaces provisioning and mediation, Telco’s may have his SaaS cloud as any network element in his network and start to use his SaaS cloud within  his OSS system and administer it with his BSS system.

Taking into account that if the customer has any problem in the application, the customer has to refer to the application owner not the Telco operator  (Same as in the case of the google play / iTunes)

Telco operator has to select very well the application provider that will provide the best  support for his customers.

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