Since the inception of ITWORX, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been an important component of its culture. ITWORX employees started a club called BEGOOD Club. Employees come together to help different cases inside or outside the company. This club has a special place in the hearts of all ITWORXians. We come together and pay it forward to many of our much loved individuals and strangers as well. BEGOOD became an integral part of our culture. Many BEGOOD activities take place throughout the year, such as:

Ramadan Bags

Each year, BEGOOD Club announces the start of the Ramadan Bags donations. One month before the holy month, we state the needed amount to purchase our annual number of bags. We keep our employees updated with the progress along the way and start the distribution process few days before Ramadan.

Blood donation campaigns

In cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and a number of hospitals in Egypt such as 57357, ITWORX hosts blood donation campaigns within its premise for one day. We do this campaign every six months which is the advised duration between donations.

Orphans day

As a celebration of the national Orphans Day in April, ITWORX hosts a number of Orphans inside ITWORX premise. The employees enjoy fun activities with the kids such as face painting, magician show, jugglers, Clowns show and Wii. At the end of the day, they present them with gifts, candy and toys to take home.

Community related campaigns

Each year ITWORX cooperate with one of Egypt’s renowned NGOs. We set a certain amount of money to be collected throughout the year. This money will be dedicated to big projects such as water sanitation, education, medical devices…etc. We make different fun events that encourage people to donate and keep them updated with our progress throughout the year. In 2014, ITWORX joined forces with Masr ElKhier organization to provide water sanitation to a number of houses in Manfalot village in Assuit.