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Executive Summary

Bakcell recently replaced their old Business Support Systems (BSS) with new Huawei Systems. They needed to adopt an End-to-End User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of Customer Care and Billing System (Huawei NGBSS).

Bakcell sought to partner with a highly professional and experienced arm in the Telecoms industry to perform this testing and lead the handover to different business departments. Consequently, ITWORX was selected to lead this smooth transition. We delivered a superior testing service and got the business users involved and familiarized with the new systems through UAT activities, which meets—and exceeds—Bakcell expectations.

The Customer

Bakcell is one of the leading mobile operators in Azerbaijan with subscribers base of 3 million subscribers and growing. The company was established in 1994 and became the first to provide state-of-the-art mobile communication services in Azerbaijan.

The Challenge

As part of its Billing Transformation Program, Bakcell was planning a crucial change of their operators, revamping their whole system to a new Huawei system. They wanted to avoid any interruption or dysfunction in the normal operations of different business departments during this transformation.

The Solution

Based on ITWORX’s solid experience in testing different Telecoms systems, the ITWORX team reviewed all the requirements and test cases, in addition to creating new test cases that were not included in the initial test book, to ensure that the systems were thoroughly tested against all possible scenarios.

The new BSS includes different modules such as Customer Relation Management (CRM), Convergent Billing Solution (CBS), Electronic Voucher Center (EVC) and Universal Voucher Center (UVC), IP Contact Center (IPCC), Mediation and Provisioning.


ITWORX provided two teams of Telecoms professionals— offshore and onsite teams. The offshore team executed all the back-end test cases and scenarios that don’t mandate direct interface with Huawei nor Bakcell. Whereas the onsite team was responsible for the execution of test cases that require onsite presence, in addition to day- “Since starting the engagement, ITWORX team showed excellent performance, trapping most of the defects before the business users get to test the platform. ITWORX team has shown tremendous skill, professionalism, dedication and great attitude towards this project and throughout their work. I have only heard good things from my project team about ITWORX’s performance. “ Hamid Husain Chief Information Officer, Bakcell to-day direct communication with Huawei, Bakcell IT, as well as all Bakcell business departments. The collaboration of both teams was essential to guarantee the best testing results with optimum cost.

The testing process went through different phases starting from the primary UAT, Configuration and Setup Data Verification, Tariff Testing, and Cycles of Regression. The ITWORX team coordinated closely with Huawei and other stakeholders, not only to ensure a successful Go-Live, but also to limit potential cost exposure to Bakcell through the “Testing Factory” Concept.

The Results

ITWORX provided a smooth transformation from the legacy BSS to the new one without causing dysfunction throughout the operation processes. We delivered a superior testing service and got the business users involved and familiarized with the new systems through UAT activities. Bakcell hereby calls ITWORX “the Trusted Partner.” The ITWORX team achieved the business objectives using optimal technical approach without making any risky trade-offs. The availability of highly experienced Telecoms professionals guaranteed covering all possible E2E scenarios across the entire Huawei NGBSS. As a result of the ITWORX team’s high performance and dedication, Bakcell assigned ITWORX new responsibilities that were not included in the initial agreement. This includes CRD checking, Performance Testing Auditing, Tariff Testing, Post-Life CRs Certification and Post-Live Business Support

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