Bluetooth Beacons: The Tiny Smart Guide!

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a wireless technology that makes use of a personalized area for the transmission of signals. These signals are then decoded and read by compatible smart devices such as smart phones. Beacons work within a restricted area and make the use of proximity sensors to recognize and interact with devices in that region. This technology has countless applications and its potential has been recognized by several businesses and developers.

The benefits of this transmission technology are immense. Here are some recent breakthrough applications that make use of Bluetooth beacon technology:


The technology has a wide range of applications within the field of education. For example, this technology allows the modification and/or creation of innovative learning methods. This in turn creates a interesting learning environment for students and defines schools and colleges completely new. Through the use of Bluetooth beacon technology, education becomes a more interactive and enjoyable experience for both, teaching force and students, which can induce improved performances and results.

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Through the use of device detection, the Bluetooth beacon technology further enhances the use of wireless communication. This allows the analysis of data and its transmission to several locations, where it is required, simultaneously. One particular application of this is in restaurants. Each waiter is at a table with a client and takes an order on his PDA. Without any input from the waiter, the Bluetooth beacon app can recognize the table at which the waiter is. This means that the orders are automatically generated and transmitted, which at the end saves the time spent for taking orders and submitting it to the kitchen. Consequently, the operation processes become more efficient.

The data recorded can be also utilized for analyzing statistics and produce useful outputs (e.g. client satisfaction rates). The same application can be of course applied to other businesses, like for example hotels and hospitals.


A Bluetooth beacon makes use of proximity; in other words, it has many advanced applications in automation. From home to shops to businesses, the possibilities are limitless. All you need is an app on your phone that makes use of this beacon technology. Whether you wish to open your garage door automatically, or wish to turn the light in the house on, everything is possibe. The beacon senses the presence of the device (i.e. your smart phone) and when it is close enough to the beacon, it triggers an action for automation.


This technology enables the detection of all compatible devices in a particular area, which allows an approximation of the range of each device from the beacon. This is done through the transmission process of signals. The Bluetooth beacon transmits a signal that is “heard” by the compatible smart device; then the beacon can point the distance to the device.

All in all, the Bluethooth beacon technology carries a high potentional for companies, schools and colleages. Yet, this field calls for further investigation to unleash all the its possibilities for an effective and efficient performance.

Finally, worthmentioning is that ITWORX, as one of the largest software houses in the MENA region applied this technology to its environment. Tiny beacon bodys are placed crossed-over the organization, allowing an indoor navigation system for all its users. Check out this video:

Written By:
Yasmin El Dessouky
Digital Marketing Specialist