ITWORX supports Egyptian students participating in IEEEXtreme 9.0 worldwide programming competition

IEEEXtreme Egypt - ITWORX
ITWORX’s CEO: Spreading a culture of IT excellence remains a core goal of ITWORX as we strive to help talents, enterprises and governments raise their performance bar through best in-class technology solutions November 2015, Cairo – ITWORX, the global more

ITWORX Students “Inspiring Story of Internship 2015”

This summer, ITWORX witnessed an engaging internship program where interns were able to learn and work as full time employees; we didn’t perceive them as passive receivers who come to work to kill time. The internship program was part more

Google-loons! Balloon Powered Internet for Everyone

Google Loons
Information is power. It is actually the current century’s sharpest weapon that companies and countries use to excel and/or beaten their competitors and/or enemies. Out of this thought the conception of Big Data has evolved, and huge agencies started more

New Generation Technology: The Internet of Things

Internet of things
Technology is constantly changing at a swift pace. One of the recent, highly interesting and state-of-the-art technologies in the market is the concept of the Internet of Things (hereafter: IoT). First, let us form a common platform of understanding, more

Forecast and make things happen!

Time Series Forecasting
One of the well-known trends in computer technology is a technique labelled, Time Series Forecasting, hereafter TSF. The notion behind it is very simple. Tons of data are generated every day. Organizations and countries are interested in making use more