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A Microsoft Strategic Education Partner, ITWorx Education™ holds an impressive track record in delivering customised software solutions across the EMEA region, with deployment success stories in over 1,400 schools. ITWorx Education solutions enable education authorities, private and public schools, colleges and higher education institutions to realise their e-learning vision.


ITWorx CLG the Best Social Learning Platform
ITWorx Connected Learning Gateway (CLG) is a dynamic learning platform that delivers an engaging learning and teaching experience, empowering the K-12 education community with the tools to excel in the 21st century. CLG enables learners, teachers and schools to embrace a new culture of learning.
Key CLG Add-On Products


School Management products:
CLGCLG is an engaging and multilingual web-based social e-learning environment that is designed to enhance the teaching process for teachers, make learning fun and insightful for K-12 students, and facilitate communication and collaboration between school administrators, teachers, and parents.
 Edu360 EDU360 is an educational intelligence solution that provides measures, insights, and data visualizations to reveal what’s happening and why. EDU360 offers an opportunity to understand the multiple aspects of lifelong learning and teaching.

Teachers’ products: 
AuthorKitAuthorKit is an application that allows teachers to easily create interactive e-learning resources in a short time. Using AuthorKit, teachers can present e-lessons in an intriguing and engaging way to capture students’ interest and attention. It provides students with an educational experience that matches their preferred learning style.
 TeacherKit TeacherKit is the free teacher’s personal organizer. It helps teachers to organize classes and manage students quickly and easily. Operating on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch), TeacherKit’s simple and intuitive interface enables teachers to track the attendance, grades, and behavior of students.

Learners' products: 
KinectA-B-C Kinetic is a great addition to any classroom or home seeking to engage children in the learning process! Kinect A-B-C draws upon the exciting concept of alphabet simulation which improves children’s communication skills, encourages team learning, and enhances sensori-motor integration (visit for more info).
 Fun2learn Fun2learn is a Windows 8 application that teaches young learners how to write and draw. It shows children aged three to five how to trace alphabet letters and numbers, as well as shapes with the tip of their finger. With a multitude of simple exercises, Fun2learn lets learners practice writing in a fun and easy way.
MathSprintAn iPad learning tool for Years 6 – 11, MathSprint teaches not only basic arithmetic but also offers interactive problems. Students are taken step by step from simple to more challenging exercises using medals and trophies to recognize and reward achievements.
 StudyLIVE ITWORX StudyLIVE is a nifty tool that makes day-to-day learning easy to manage. An easy to use application, StudyLIVE combines a student’s most-needed functionalities in a single app.