ITWORX had the idea to remind its employees of the nice things they experience every day at work. Thus, ITWORX started an initiative to test the general sentiment about the company, labelled “What I like about ITWORX”. The engagement rate was impressively high and employees shared their positive associations with the organization. The Top 10 comments that we have received repeatedly and would like to share with you, were:

1- People and Culture

ITWORX puts a high effort in recruiting the people, who will fit into its corporate culture. That’s why the majority of comments referred that the human asset is the most appealing aspect the company has. People know each other from different departments, and sometimes share their spare time together outside the company walls, too. Bridges between people are created and great friendships are built here!

2- Communications Efforts

The Corporate Communications efforts exerted are unique and massive, aiming at raising a culture of highly productive and engaged people. The cheerful events, thoughtful blogs and great designs added all to the company’s internal and external image, and to the general organizational environment.

3- Innovation sessions

These sessions aim at boosting the overall creativity at all organizational levels and cross-departments. Innovation sessions cover topics about and around innovation. Lately, ITWORX invited Ahmed Khairy, business coach, to teach ITWORXians more about the science of innovation and how to become an innovative employee while turning the company to a powerful innovation engine.

4- Flexibility for mothers

ITWORX believes in women, in their qualifications, and their remarkable ability to offer outstanding results to the business. And ITWORX knows also that many of working women, are also working mothers. Constantly appreciating our mothers, ITWORX offered the possibility for mothers to bring their children occasionally to work, when they do not have someone to take care of back home. This action facilitated their lives and made them feel how much their roles are appreciated by the company. Not to mention ITWORX’ unique yearly celebration on Mother’s Day!

5- The famous couch

Many departments have their own couch, but there is also the shared one most well-known one, located on the first floor. This couch reduce the stiffness of the working environment and arouse a friendly and productive atmosphere.

6- Support when needed

What distinguishes ITWORX from many other companies is it well-known open-door policy. Employees can easily meet up for a chat with their managers and even the CEO. Everybody around sticks to the same attitude to help and assist as much as possible, underpinned by our core values (i.e. collaboration).

7- Customer Exposure

Engaging extensively and directly with our clients on a daily basis, and thus get constantly exposed to various customer requests, tailored preference and so forth, enriches our employees’ communication and problem solving skills. In fact this can be considered a win-win situation, as on one hand our customers receive the highest quality customer service, where on the other hand our employees regularly practice their interpersonal skills.

8- Growth Opportunity

One of the appealing aspects about ITWORX is the promising growth opportunity the company offers to all it employees, each in his/her field of scope. Hard work, self-development efforts, and strong interpersonal skills are recognized and very well appreciated by ITWORX management.

9- Continuous Training

Many of our managers nominate employees for several interesting internal trainings, where they can acquire interpersonal and technical skills. Besides, employees take also the initiative by themselves and get enrolled into courses, trainings and sponsored by ITWORX to enhance their qualifications, develop their skills and broaden their knowledge.

10- Charity Spirit

The company constantly starts and supports the social integration and responsibility of its employees, by diverse charitable campaigns that attach value to the society and comply with the general company culture and core values, especially integrity and collaboration.